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$150 60mins
$200 90mins

Switching jobs or industries?
Feel like you are at a cross-roads and not sure which direction you want to head with your career path?

Want to improve your chances of advancing towards your dream job? 
Create the career (and life) your future self will thank you for.

*Applications for Career Coaching by request*


From $100

How would you feel going into an interview feeling prepared and confident instead of disorganised and nervous?


What if you could have an insight into the tough questions recruiters are likely to ask?

What's included?

- I will research the company and role you are applying for before our session

- Zoom video call (copy of the recording can be sent to you) or FaceTime video call

- Practice interview

- Verbal feedback and written recommendations to prepare you for your interview

Contact me today to arrange your Interview Preparation session

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In this 8 week program you will build skills and confidence to become more competitive in your local labour market.

1. Job search discovery

Involves in-depth discussion to attain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve, along with detailed reviews of your most relevant professional documents and applications.


2. Career planning

Full review of your skills, likes, interests and values to gain clarity on your career goals. Coaching on strategically evaluating your target industry, which helps to better identify the most suitable opportunities to target.


3. Job search strategy and Resume

Gain a thorough understanding of how to tailor and implement your own job search action plan to secure your next career move. Along with your job search action plan is a winning Resume tailored specifically for you to give you the best advantage in today's competitive market.

4. Cover letter and addressing selection criteria

Step-by-step we address the elements of crafting a winning cover letter. This is what gets your resume read so you need to impress, FAST. You’ll learn the skills to do this and how to uncover and address selection criteria which is key to progressing to interview.


5. Personal branding

Having a strong personal brand with a strategy to communicate it clearly will bring enormous benefits to your career. It will enable you to position yourself as a subject matter expert in your field, gain a greater sense of purpose and career direction, build your credibility and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Above all, a powerful personal brand will help you attract far more career opportunities.


6. LinkedIn profile

Learn how to create exceptional LinkedIn profiles that will attract attention from hiring managers and recruiters. This includes technical knowledge such as keywords and phrases, and behind-the-scenes tactics / search processes used by recruiters. 

7. Job Seeking Alternatives

Identify and select the right recruitment agencies for your objectives, then learn how to get recruiters to work and advocate on your behalf.

8. Interview preparation

Insider knowledge and expertise on handling the interview process from the time you’re scheduled, right through to post-interview coaching.

Pricing is Tiered to align with Salary Banding - contact me for a quote

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~from $59

Why use a SEEK profile?

In the words of SEEK: "Instead of solely using the search tool on SEEK, having a detailed (and up to date) profile – filled out with as much information as possible – means recruiters and employers can search for talent like you based on specific keywords and can get in touch if your profile matches a role they’re looking to fill. This means your dream job could come knocking even when you’re not actively looking for a role."

What is included?

  • Existing SEEK profile updated to match your resume

  • Keywords added to Skills section

  • Personal Summary section creation / update

  • "About your next role" section creation / update

  • Current resume and cover letter upload

~total amount will be confirmed at time of booking and will be priced according to volume of information to be updated



Did you know around 90% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn as a place of sourcing potential candidates?

Don't have the time to make your LinkedIn profile eye-catching?

Why not get me to do the work for you? I know which keywords to use to make sure you show up in recruitment searches and what information to include / exclude to help YOU get the job you want!



This package will suit those still studying who have had less than 12 months work experience


1 x NEW Student Level Resume

1 x Student Level Customised Cover Letter^

1 x Cover Letter Template

1 x Interview Hints & Tips Guide



This package will suit those who have been in the workforce for 12 months or more, and are applying for non-management level roles


1 x NEW Non-Management Level Resume

1 x Customised Cover Letter^

1 x Cover Letter Template

1 x Interview Hints & Tips Guide



This package will suit those with experience in and applying for Leadership / Management / Supervision roles, typically with 1 or more direct reports


1 x NEW Detailed Management Level Resume

1 x Customised Comprehensive Cover Letter^

1 x Cover Letter Template

1 x Interview Hints & Tips Guide



This package will suit those with experience in and applying for executive level roles (eg, C-Suite, Senior Executives, Chair and Board-level Leaders)

What's Included?

1 x NEW Detailed Executive Level CV

1 x Complimentary Mini DISC Profile

1 x Customised Comprehensive Cover Letter^

1 x Cover Letter Template

1 x LinkedIn Profile Review + Makeover

1 x Success in Leadership E-Book


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Selection criteria responses should be tailored to each individual application. I will examine your experience, skills and knowledge in fine detail and complement the criterion to best demonstrate your suitability to the job.

Pricing is Tiered to align with Salary Banding - contact me for a quote


45% of total invoice

Need your resume in a hurry? I have a Priority Service where you will receive your NEW Customised Resume within 24-48 hours*

*Priority Service is subject to availability*

*Times may vary for additional services*

Payment Terms: 

*Invoice is supplied for all transactions.

*50% deposit up front.
*Balance payable upon completion.
*Career Coaching & Interview Preparation is to be paid in full, up-front before session commences.

Payment Options:

*Direct Bank Transfer available.

Service Delivery:

*Once your deposit has been verified, and I have received all required information, I will aim to deliver your Resume Package within 5 - 7 days depending on the amount of work required.

*Priority Service Option subject to availability.

*Email, Zoom and Telephone service only (no face to face appointments available).

*All resume packages include final documents in Word and PDF

*All documents are custom written

^Customised Cover Letter does not include Selection Criteria responses


Please note these fees, terms and conditions of service delivery are a guide only and may vary depending on the nature, complexity and length of your job application requirements, however I will always discuss any additional time or cost requirements prior to commencement of work.