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5 Easy Steps To Calm Your Nerves

Whether you are going into an interview, having a difficult conversation or about to do anything at all for the first time, nerves can strike at any time....below are my 5 Easy Steps to Calm Your Nerves

1) Be Prepared - gather as much information as you can before venturing into situations that cause nervousness - knowing what you want to say or practicing what you’re about to do is a great way to settle nerves. Asking those who have done it successfully before how they did it is also a great way to be prepared.

2) Focus on Success - instead of conjuring up all the ways it “could go wrong”, switch your focus onto all the ways it could go right. Telling yourself that whatever happens you will learn something from it / grow as a person is also a good way to keep nerves at bay.

3) Remember Self Care - looking after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally by a healthy diet, exercise, and allowing yourself some downtime to de-stress before and after the event are all great ways to be prepared for new or stressful situations. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and have clear focus on what you want.

4) Breathe! Sounds simple right? Wrong! So many people are so stuck in their heads they forget to connect to the rest of their body, and when we are feeling nervous our breath tends to get shallower and quicker, resulting in dry mouth and dizziness / confusion. By focusing on slow, deep breaths to the bottom of your tummy you will start feeling a sense of calm (if you can close your eyes this helps too, counting your breath in, 2, 3, 4 and out, 2, 3, 4)

5) Seek Support - having a good network of people around you that will support and champion you when you are facing challenges or about to embark on something new is a great way to calm your nerves - talking things through with your supporters will ease your mind, and also “unpacking” things with them after the event - to see how you could do it better or differently next time is how you can learn and grow and be more confident next time.


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